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Accident Insurance 101

An accident can happen to anyone at any time – and the financial impact can be significant.

Even minor accidents can lead to large medical bills or missed work, resulting in financial hardship. Regular bills – including mortgage or rent, groceries and utilities – don’t stop when an employee is out of work after an accident. Voluntary accident benefits are paid directly to the policyholder* as cash that can be used however it’s needed — even to help with everyday living expenses.

What’s covered?

Accident insurance provides cash benefits for expenses that aren’t fully covered by health insurance. These may include:

  • Benefits for emergency-room treatment such as emergency-room visits, x-rays, diagnostic exams, physical therapy and follow-ups.

  • Benefits for ambulance, including ambulance transportation or air-ambulance transportation to a hospital.

  • Benefits for hospitalization, including each day the policyholder is confined in a hospital due to injuries sustained in a covered accident.

  • An optional lump-sum death benefit rider for covered common-carrier accidents and other accidents, if the policyholder has purchased an optional accidental death benefit rider.

Who needs accident insurance?

Almost everyone can benefit from accident insurance – after all, no one is immune to accidental injury.

Major medical coverage only goes so far, and even with it, you can still be left with tremendous out-of-pocket costs. According to our lifestyle calculator, the average cost of a broken leg is $9,300. After major medical, you could still be left with $3,720 in medical expenses that may not be covered by your work’s health insurance plan. A plan like Aflac Accident Insurance pays you cash (unless assigned otherwise) that can be used to help with the out-of-pocket expenses that may not be covered by major medical in the event of a qualifying accident.

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