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Lackluster Benefits Losing You Employees?

As an HR Manager, one of your many tasks is to administer your company's benefits plan. Or maybe you are a small business owner and one of the many hats you wear is that of managing your employees, all while working at AND running the daily aspects of your business! Either way, this post is for you.

How would losing a third of your workforce impact you? Would it shut down your business? A recent study found that "47 percent of employees are at least somewhat likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months, and 31 percent are extremely or very likely".

Improving your benefits package can have a significant impact on retaining your workforce and attracting new talent.

"60 percent of employees would be at least somewhat likely to accept a job offer with slightly lower compensation but better benefits; 32 percent would be extremely or very likely".

What kinds of benefits do you offer? When was the last time you polled your employees for the kinds of benefits they wanted? Another finding indicated some thought-provoking results, what would your employees say?

We can help! Whether you're a small business owner or an HR Manager in a small, mid or even large-sized company, we can help you analyze your current benefits plan, craft and implement a new strategy, and as your Benefits Consultant, personally help you implement and administer that new strategy. Call us today to get started, or watch our short video for more information. We're delivering on the promise of peace of mind.

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