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When you protect your employees, you protect your bottom line

Considering the vast amount of personally identifiable information shared online and exposed in data breaches, it’s more critical than ever to help your employees protect their personal, financial and credit information.

Aflac Fraud Protection helps alleviate the burden of fraud and identity theft with an all-encompassing “Secure, Monitor, Restore” approach to protecting personal information and finances – while also allowing for continued productivity in your workplace.

  • Identity theft affects over 35,000 U.S. consumers per day. (1)

  • The average victim spends 25 hours resolving an identity theft incident, most of that time occurring during the workday. (2)

  • The average cost for an identity theft incident is $1,500. (3)

At Aflac, we know peace of mind is important to you and your employees. Aflac Fraud Protection, Powered by EZShield, gives you the opportunity to take that one step further for your employees, while reaping protective benefits for your business as well.

Services include:

  • Online Identity Vault, a digital wallet for encrypted personal information, documents and images

  • Password manager

  • Expert protection tips and timely news to include breach and fraud news alerts

  • Activity report

  • Internet Monitoring to include baseline fraud exposure report of your personal information on black market websites

  • Daily monitoring for personal information (stored in your Online Identity Vault) sold on black market websites

  • Access to a Certified Resolution Specialist to provide a fully-managed restoration services and 1-on-1 dedicated care

  • End2End DefenseSM 32-step recovery process designed to discover, isolate & prevent future fraud due to lost/stolen wallet, breached data, fraud or ID theft

Interested in finding out how EZShield can protect you and your employees? Call us today and we'll help you get everything set up!

(1) Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, Identity Theft Supplement, 2012.

(2) Javelin Strategy & Research 2015 Identity Fraud Study.

(3) Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, Identity Theft Supplement, 2012.

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